They has been a lot of questions about Maracuja and Argan oil in terms of which one is better.  I personally prefer Argan oil.  This all that I use.  I have used it for a long time now and like most people say, can’t really tell the difference between Marajcuja and Argan oil.

I guess you just have a bias in terms of which one you like more based on which one you started to use first.

They virtually look identical.  If you blind fold someone and ask them to try both.  There is no way you could tell the difference.  Argan oil has the reputation for being the great anti wrinkle and aging solution.

They both are known for their ability to control frizzy hair.  They can both repair your damage hair and repair your skin.  You can’t go wrong with either type of oil.

Below is video by someone else who came to the same conclusion but she preferred the Maracuja oil.  Have a look: